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The 5 Best Apps For Fashion Lovers

These days, it can be hard for busy people to keep up with the latest styles, or even to get out to the store to do some shopping! Not to worry though, because with smartphone applications it’s easier than ever to stay on top of all the latest trends. If you’re a fashion lover, these are five of the best apps for you to use to stay connected with the world of fashion!

1. Polyvore
If you like to design your outfits before you buy the pieces, or just save articles of clothing for inspiration, Polyvore is a fantastic tool to have. You essentially get to become your very own stylist, creating sets that allow you to plan the perfect outfit. There’s a great search feature that lets you search by brands, price, and even color, so it’s easy to find whatever you want.

2. Go Try It On
If you hate to buy something without a second opinion, this is the perfect app for you. Go Try It On allows you to upload your fitting room selfie of whatever outfit you’re trying out, then receive feedback from other users. It’s a great way to either confirm your good taste or be talked out of a poor decision.

3. Shop It To Me
If you’re a bargain shopper and a clothing lover, this is the best possible app for you. Once you give it your size information and mark which brands you like best, Shop It To Me will notify you ant time items from your favorite brands go on sale! There’s a huge list of top brands to choose from. Shop It To Me is the best way to know immediately when your favorites are discounted!

4. Chicfeed
If you like to follow fashion bloggers but have a hard time keeping up with them all, Chicfeed is your solution. This app allows you to look through a compilation of all the latest posts from your favorite blogs, allowing you to keep up to date without any effort or extra time!

5. Style.com
The official Style.com app allows you to keep up to date with the fashion industry. You can review runway shows, party photos, videos, and more. It’s the easiest way to keep up with everything going on in the fashion world!

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