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Hardman Jason Statham’s a big softie Good Looking

The Brit star’s string of tough guy roles have made him one of Hollywood’s top action heroes.But Jason, 44, would love to win new fans by swapping violence for romance He A romantic ­comedy would be great. I love films like Bridget Jones. But it would have to be tailored to me and what I can do.I can’t play parts like Hugh Grant – I wouldn’t be any good and people would wonder why they hadn’t got Hugh instead.They’d all be wondering who the bald idiot was. So a rom -com role would have to have an element of me in it.“Maybe just one fight so I feel at home.”Jason’s hardman roles have proved a massive hit with fans, taking more than half a billion pounds at the box office.And moviegoers are enjoying his latest thrill ride in new flick Safe.He also revealed doing his own stunts means he gets injured on every film he shoots. Derbyshire-born Jason will be back in tough-guy action on the big screen in the summer starring

alongside Sylvester Stallone in Expendables.

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